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Self Storage Management

Our management of self ‐storage facilities includes staffing, payroll, account audits and validation, coordination of property maintenance and repairs, tenant communication and correspondence, debt collection, financial reporting,

and ensuring that your investment is providing the best return possible.


The following is a brief outline of the management services that we provide:






  • Consultations with Owner to get full understanding of the expectations for the facility on a continuing basis. 
  • Maintain frequent contact with Owner, or any consultants of the Owner (i.e., attorneys, accountants) to ensure efficient and correct management of the property. 
  • Preparation of proformas/budgets 
  • Supervise staff and ensure proper procedures are adhered to, including: 
  • Hire and train as necessary 
  • Assist with implementing collections process 
  • Facilitate the lien process and auctions 
  • Facilitate payroll 
  • Audit timesheets and tracking records 
  • Conduct disciplinary action and employee guidance



  • Prepare and distribute to tenants a detailed Information Package, including property manager's name and telephone number and rent collection procedures.
  • Provide a timely and complete response to tenant problems and concerns.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with tenants and, whenever possible, anticipate tenant concerns.
  • Meetings with tenants when necessary to ensure a professional relationship with open lines of communication.
  • Involvement in local and state civic or political affairs that could affect or relate to your investment.



  • Accounts receivable / Accounts payable
  • Billings for common area charges, taxes, insurance, etc.
  • Detailed reports, including tenant profiles, property ledgers and leasing reports.
  • Monthly financial statements, including current and year‐to‐date activity.
  • Secure bids for insurance or other financial services or expenses as needed.
  • Prepare the required 1099's for year‐end accounting.
  • File all personal property reports, etc., as needed.
  • Review critical data file and invoice tenants, as applicable, for rent increases.




  • Conduct frequent physical inspections.
  • Implement standard operating procedures.
  • Coordinate and supervise maintenance activities.
  • We have a 24 hour answering service for any need or emergency that may arise.
  • Enforce facility rules and regulations.
  • Recommendations for facility maintenance and improvements.
  • Negotiate contracts, supervise independent contractors, on‐site employees, i.e.:
  • Unit and Facility Maintenance and Repair
  • Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance to HVAC System and other Amenities


We understand the specific needs of self‐storage management. It is imperative that a self storage facility is not only maintained, but that the staff isproperly trained and supervised to ensure they are providing the best possible services to your customers for the best return on YOUR investment.


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